Mental Disease Genetics Of Schizophrenia Psychology Essay

An introduction to Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a mental disease, group of psychotic disorders that interfere with thinking and responsiveness. It is a disease of the brain, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. A person with schizophrenia has deteriorated occupational, interpersonal, and self-supportive abilities. Schizophrenia is known as one of the most disabling and emotionally devastating illness … Read More»

Men Cheat On Partner For Sexual Reasons Psychology Essay

Abstract According to most of the literature available, men cheat on their partner for sexual reasons (Wilson, Mattingly, Clark, & Weidler, 2011). The aim of this study is to gain an in-depth understanding of the reasons that lead men to cheat by taking a men’s point of view. The sample consisted of six male participants … Read More»

Memory theory and interviewing victims of crime

With a view to determining as to how memory theory can help to inform interviewers in relation to the best way to go about interviewing witnesses and victims of criminal activity, this essay’s discussion will first look to recognise the nature and scope of memory theory. On this basis, there will be a need to … Read More»

Memory Functions Of The Hippocampus Psychology Essay

The hippocampus, named after its resemblance to a sea horse, has many different important functions in the brain including memory functions. It is a structure included in many different brain systems such as the limbic system and medial temporal lobe. While it does play a major role in memory retention it is also involved with … Read More»

Memory For Emotional And Neutral Stimuli Psychology Essay

Distinctiveness is not an inherent property of a stimulus, but a feature of the context in which it is embedded. Schmidt argued that emotional stimuli are distinct relative to the content of participants’ long-term memory because they have unique attributes that they do not share with most stored stimuli, which are neutral. This form of … Read More»

Media Influence On Body Image Psychology Essay

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” I believe this is a familiar phrase to all. It is a famous line from the story of snow white and seven dwarfs. In the story, the queen asks the mirror daily whether she is the most beautiful person in the kingdom by … Read More»

Mauritian Childrens Moral Judgments About Bullying Psychology Essay

The current study investigated whether young Mauritian children’s moral judgments about bullying of siblings and peers on different activities and scenarios on the basis of gender and ethnicity would vary according to their grade (age), ethnicity (Hindus, Muslims and General-populations which include Sino-Mauritians and Christians) level and the context in which the bullying occurred. Individual … Read More»

Matching law: understanding behaviour in non laboratory settings

The matching law was first introduced by Richard J. Herrnstein (1961). The matching law is a predictor of activities that an individual would undertake when they are concurrently available to an individual. The law does not predict that actual activities will occur rather it predicts that the rate of response that one assigns to a … Read More»

Manage Sex Offenders Effectively Psychology Essay

The aim of this essay is to provide a historical overview of the developments on the risk assessment of sex offenders literature, focusing specifically on the advances in this area of research. Firstly, a definition of risk will be provided, followed by the aims of risk assessment and an example of the practical implications of … Read More»

Major studies of conformity

Conformity has been defined in number of ways. Crutchfield (1955), defined conformity as “yielding to group pressure”. Mann 1969 agrees with Crutchfield, however Mann (1969), argues that it may take different forms and be based on motives other than group pressure. (Gross p 479) Conformity is a change in belief or behaviour in response to … Read More»

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