Writer’s Block: What Is It and How to Get Rid of It?

There’s nothing closer to having a wall in your head like writer’s block. If you’re a content creator of any kind, you will face this mental barrier. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novelist, musician, poet, copywriter, entrepreneur, or even a student at school or university. Good news. There are plenty of ways to bring … Read More»

Visual Analysis: How to Analyze a Painting and Write an Essay

A visual analysis essay is an entry-level essay sometimes taught in high school and early university courses. Both communications and art history students use visual analysis to understand art and other visual messages. In our article, we will define the term and give an in-depth guide on how to look at a piece of art … Read More»

The Great Gatsby Book Through Daisy Buchanan Character

Love, love, love. It makes the world go round. And the love story of Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan made Francis Scott Fitzgerald famous around the whole world. Poor Gatsby Wealthy Gatsby Jay Gatsby is a young, poor but attractive young man who discovers the world of wealthy families where he doesn’t belong (for now). … Read More»

What Is Symbolism? Reviewing Examples in Literature

Have you ever wondered how to make your essay entertaining and interesting by changing only a few lines? Symbolism is a great tool to improve your paper in a sophisticated way. In this article, we will introduce you to symbolism and ways to use it in your own writing effectively. What Is Symbolism? Symbolism is … Read More»


A Rose for Emily is a story written by an American writer William Faulkner, initially published in the “Forum” magazine dating April 30, 1930. The events of the story take place in Jefferson City (Mississippi state), in an imaginary county of Yoknapatawpha that the author came up with himself. This was the first Faulkner’s story published in … Read More»

The 5 Steps on How to Research a Topic

Researching a topic is fundamental to understanding it, which is key to a high-grade assignment for work or studies. In this research guide, you will learn how to do research, and which tools to use for your success in studies and at work. The following are the 5 research process steps for any subject. Follow … Read More»

To Kill a Mockingbird: Character Analysis of Jem Finch

To Kill a Mockingbird is an iconic classic novel of American literature by Harper Lee published in 1960. Through the eyes of a little girl who goes by the nickname Scout, the author shows different social and economic problems a child might face growing up. She also raises an issue of complicated racial relationships of … Read More»

Quick Glance at Beowulf: All Complexities Explained

Beowulf is a very complex piece of Old English literature that might be difficult to interpret and understand right away. The article below helps anyone who has trouble understanding the plot of Beowulf or simply seeks a quick summary for the sake of saving time. Are you ready to go back 1500 years to a … Read More»

What Is the Difference Between APA & MLA (with Examples)

The academic world likes things to be uniform, because uniformity means faster communication. That’s why there are several writing styles that you must stick to, to get full marks. In this article, we’ll be looking at the strict differences between the APA and MLA writing styles — and how to use them. The Difference Between … Read More»

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