The Marginalisation of Women in Animation Roles

The relationship between modes of production, and individual practice in women’s independent animation. Feminist film critics such as Laura Mulvey have suggested that classical film narration has always had a male perspective and positioned the viewer as male. Her 1975 essay “Cinema Visual Pleasure and Narrative,” is a key work in feminist film theory and … Read More»

Multimedia Applications

MULTIMEDIA APPLICATIONS 1.0 THE PROJECT OVERVIEW v Develop an interactive animated movie that contains specified title and story. You are given the freedom of choosing the titles specified in Section 4.0. The focus of this multimedia application is to help the general public to be aware or to be educated about the current issue, or … Read More»

Telecom Industry

Management information system – Introduction MIS (Management Information System) is a process which provides the necessary information for managing an organization in an effective manner. The information generated by MIS is considered to be the most important equipment of careful and the decisions made in business. For an organization, MIS must have the guidelines, practices, … Read More»

Personal philosophy of leadership

Leadership Leadership is the ability of one to guide others; it is based on ones abilities and qualities rather than skills. One is born with these inherent qualities and naturally leads others; these qualities are such as honesty, courage, confidence, determination and wisdom among others. A leader is different from a manager, while a leader … Read More»

The sport discipline

In sport disciplines that rely on speed endurance or strength endurance, anaerobic glycolysis provides the primary energy source for muscular contractions (Zajac et al., 2009) During high intensity exercise there is an increase of hydrogen (H+) ions in the mitochondria (Pilegaard et al., 1999). The metabolic demands of high-intensity exercise are met primarily by glycolysis, … Read More»

The Personal Research Project Animation Essay

This research document was undertaken to discover and analyse character acting in animation, and the different methods used to express emotion and thought process. The document is focused around how an audience is influenced by techniques of character acting, and what elements contribute to its believability. Research of various literature, articles and online sources have … Read More»

Knockout mouse

Knockout Mouse 1. Introduction Generally, DNA was first transferred by design into an organism and expressed as protein, therefore the potential of the tool that was being discovered must be found quickly by the scientist. Early experiments were limited to bacteria and viruses, but soon after the field of experiments were enlarged to those on … Read More»

Drug development

DRUG DEVELOPMENT: Developing safe and effective drugs is a process that should include an understanding of clinical, legal, and regulatory matters. New drug development has revolutionized the practice of medicine, converting many once fatal or debilitating diseases into almost routine therapeutic exercises. For example, deaths from cardiovascular disease and stroke have decreased by more than … Read More»

The Birth And Growth Of Anime Animation Essay

Anime, as an art form, has swept the world. It was “born” early in the 1900’s and has flourished. There are hundreds of series and movies, some of which are famous in their own right, like Pokemon, with world-wide recognition when it is mentioned. Anime is actually taken from the word animation and has become the word … Read More»

A History Of American Animated Cartoons Animation Essay

Rotoscoping was invented by Max Fleischer in the year 1915 with the help of his brother Dave Fleischer. The first character created using the rotoscoping technique was KOKO the clown in 1917, with live reference being taken from his brother who dressed in clown suit. After his success in rotoscoping they started a company called … Read More»

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